#12 – Jake Tudan scores the Michigan Goal!!

In the hockey world there are lots of different and skilled moves. The Slapshot, the wrist shot, the snap shot, the backhand shot and the list can go on almost forever. However, the unicorn of goals is from a shot called “the Michigan”.

What does a Michigan mean in hockey?
“The Michigan” is a hockey trick that consists of scooping up the puck with the blade of the stick and tucking it into the net. It is done entirely from behind the net where the player picks up the puck and, in one continuous move, tucks the puck in the top corner of the goal. It was first performed by Mike Legg who is from Coquitlam, BC. and played for the NCAA University of Michigan, hence it gets the name “the Michigan.” The goal was widely recognized around the hockey world; Legg was awarded “Goal of the Year” by Inside Hockey and the stick he used was donated to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The first successful NHL attempt of this move came from Andrei Svechnikov of the Carolina Hurricanes, scoring against Calgary Flames goaltender David Rittich. Svechnikov managed the feat a second time against the Winnipeg Jets, scoring on goaltender Connor Hellebuyck.
Why do we bring this up today? Well it seems #12 Jake Tudan who the coaches have seen practice this move periodically in the last two weeks was able to pull it off in a game versus Langley Trappers and tie the game early in the third period. It left fans and players alike completely in shock. And vaulted the Surrey Knights #12 Jake Tudan Michigan goal into the Goal of the Year conversation. You can see the goal and the great call on it by going to the Surrey Knights Twitter and or Instagram pages.
To see the move put to use in the PJHL is a testament to how skilled young Canadian hockey players are these days. Moreover, the play of new additons, Tudan, Yamakazi, Burton & Upton have sparked new life into the underdog Knights. It has motivated players like Roman Wolynec, DJ Cash, Uyeyama, Collins etc to elevate their game play too. While the Tudan goal stole the spotlight for the night. The game was a success for the defensive play of the Knights. Blocking, shots, hard back checks from all 4 lines and the team first mentality kept the kids in it deep into the third period. Most notable of players was the goaltending of DJ Cash. Who was clinical in his approach and looked calm in the face of adversity stopping 40 plus shots on the night. He has clearly taken his game to the next level. 
November looks like it could be an exciting month for the kids from Whalley. And when Captain Billy Thompson returns from injury, who also has the Michigan move in his arsenal things could be on a roll for the Knights.