Hot Goalie & Hat-trick Abort Launch.

The Knights ran into a Hot Goalie (Brodie Haylock) and a Hat-trick performance by Anthony Bosnjak to put a kink into the Launch of a new season. While the Knights managed 34 shots on net the Trappers tender had an answer for all of them. In net for Surrey was Braden Olsen from Camrose, Alberta who let by 2 goals early for another sluggish start by the Knights. Coach Liboiron will have to come up with a new warmup routine to wake up his crew next game. The Knights rallied 10 minutes into the first period and fought hard. The Powerplay looked good but didn’t twinkle the twine and looked tired as the Coaches leaned on them hard possibly too long trying to get a goal. There were some positives to take from the game though. Tyson Williams, Dalton (Big Mac) MacKeigan & Brandon (Sutter) Melsness made a big impact on the penalty kill. They Thwarted large chunks of the Langley power play and were able to generate some short handed offence and FREEZE the puck behind either net. In fact, Melsness’ prowess on the PK earned him Player of the Game honour’s and the Golden Chain for the weekend. Melsness new nickname may just well become “The Freeze” for that play behind the net. At the end of the day, it should be noted that this was the first Junior game for at least 1/2 of the Knights team and it showed in the teams start. Apprehensive and overly cautious play by the team ended up in the result they received. Hopefully, next game they’ll come out with confidence, fire and brimstone on Thursday Sept 16th @7pm at the Castle!